What is local SEO? Why is local SEO important now and how does local SEO work in your business?

What is Local SEO?

A variation of SEO is Local SEO. SEO which is done focusing on a specific area is called Local SEO.

For example, if you sell mobile phones in Bangladesh, then your website should be ranked based on Bangladesh, because if you sell mobile phones in Bangladesh, then you will not benefit from ranking in the USA, so you should do local SEO in such a way that anyone in Bangladesh can find you when they search. .

Who is Local SEO for?

In fact, not everyone needs local SEO, only those who have a local business need local SEO. Local SEO is mainly done on service or e-commerce type sites. Local SEO is hardly done on blog sites.

How does local SEO work? (How does local SEO work?)

A good quality local SEO will work like normal SEO but local SEO is mainly based on keywords and search location.

For example, if someone searches for “marketing agency near me” from New York, USA, then Google will first see his location and then show the marketing agencies in that location one after another.

And if someone searches “marketing agency in Dhaka” then wherever he is, marketing agencies in Dhaka who have done local SEO will come.

Besides, there is another issue that many marketing agencies have done local SEO, but which one will come first? Which one comes first will depend on a few things: –

    The location that is being searched.

    Nap citation. (I will discuss in detail later)

    Google my business listing.

    Keywords used by Google my business.

    It also depends on the reviews, check-in or popularity of the place.

Basically local SEO works based on the above issues and in order to do local SEO we have to work with these.

Why is local SEO important?

Do you want to rank your local business on Google, Bing, Apple Maps and other local search engines? So I think, local SEO is a suitable and timely method for you.

SEO is very important for any local business. 46% of all searches on Google are for local search only. Search engine service providers are constantly working to provide accurate and precise information to visitors. We are constantly relying on online to solve various problems in our daily lives. Everyone is using search engines to find different types of service providers starting from shopping for goods.

Giving a real example will make the point clear. For example, you have a business or local business. Where you provide services online as well as offline. Local SEO is very helpful in making this task easier. Customers can easily find you by applying local SEO strategies to your website.

It is true that if you have a website, you can expect visitors or traffic from different parts of the world through SEO. But if you have a local business, you will definitely want to bring in a target audience. The reason is that if you want to sell a product or service to the people around you then you must do local SEO as well as local SEO.

How do I do local SEO on a website (How do I do local SEO on a website)?

SEO is an ongoing process. New updates are constantly coming in the SEO industry. Doing SEO through new rules is becoming more and more complicated and time consuming. If your website is based on a local area, then in order to do SEO, you have to pay attention to the local issues in order to rank the website in Google.

Is Keyword Research Needed in Local SEO?

There is no question that Google will always show the map pack in the local keyword like I searched for “biriyani hotel” but Google Automatic will show the map pack of the biryani hotels around me according to my location.

Notice that I have not used any local keywords but I have used a normal keyword. There are many such keywords in which Google understands that the audience needs a map pack and in most cases the search volume of normal keywords is much higher than the local keywords.

So you need to do keyword research to find out which normal keywords related to your business are showing Google Auto Map Pack, you also need to target those keywords. Then you will get good traffic.

Local keyword: “your business” + location. example: – “best local SEO expert” + ”in Dhaka”

Normal keyword: “your business”

example: – “local SEO expert”

What is a map pack?

What do we see when we search for a local keyword on Google? Let’s understand with an example. I did a Google search for “best biryani in Chittagong”.

First there will be a map like the picture below where the biryani shops will be marked. Then comes the normal search result. The first result with a map is the map pack.

There are many factors that work for ranking normal search results, just like we talked about earlier, there are some factors for ranking in the map pack.

Why trekking map pack?

Search engine map packs change every kilometer. That means the map pack you will get by searching from where you are now and the map pack you will get by going 1 km away will be completely different. Because of this, the color of the map pack goes up and down too much.

So you have to constantly track which location you are in the map pack and what position you are in. Are you top or not in the areas you are supposed to be top in? If not, the reason should be found out. This is how map pack tracking needs to be done constantly for local SEO.

How to do trekking map pack?

Almost all of the range of trekker tools have the feature of map pack trekking. If asked to recommend, I would say “Local Falcon”. You can also use any other tool.

After browsing the tools, search with all the information related to your business. You will see an image like below.

Local organic rankings

You may remember that when we searched by typing a local keyword, the local search result came after the map pack. The map pack only gives the location, but how your business, what kind of service you provide, these things are not in the details. If a customer needs in-detail information, he enters a website from the search results.

And most of the customers enter the first 3 websites so if you want to get good customers for your business then you have to do SEO of your website too.

When it comes to website SEO, you can follow onpage SEO, offpage SEO and technical SEO techniques. We have detailed posts about these, read them.

The difference between that SEO and this SEO is that we will work with local keywords here so we call it local SEO.

After reading this post for so long, you can understand how important keyword research is in local SEO. Let’s see how local SEO keyword research is done.

Try to fill up all information

When you go to open a GMB account, you will be asked for a lot of information related to your business. Try to fill up all the information. But do not give false or incorrect information while filling up all the information. Try to make your profile as complete as possible with what you have.

Keep business data updated

If you did the account then fell asleep then your business will no longer rank. Everything you need to keep regular updates. Is your business opening time showing on the map? Does it look closed at closing time? Check these things regularly and if you make any changes, you must update that information in GMB and all other places.

Get positive reviews

I have already said that reviews have a direct effect on rankings, so it is very important to have a positive review. You can add a pop-up to your website so that your clients can review it. Or after serving clients, you can ask them to review your service.

And of course you have to give good service only then it is possible to get good reviews. If the service is good, people will give good reviews by themselves.

Regularly publish unique content

Content plays a major role in ranking a website. Content must be unique Duplicate content cannot be used.

Your service can solve any problem of the people. Why you need to take the service. You have to publish this related article. For example: – My business is about SEO agency, then I will write an article “Why SEO is needed?” “Why local SEO?” Again, my target location is Dhaka, Bangladesh, then I will write the article “Why Dhaka-centric businesses need local SEO”.

Using attractive images and titles

In normal on-page SEO, we find that using attractive titles and images in content is extremely beneficial for SEO. Here is no exception. But if the titles and pictures here can attract your clients then you can definitely bring sales.

Using schemas

Schema is a much deeper subject I will talk about it another day. Today I just want to let you know that there is a type of schema called local business that you will use on your site. schema.org Go to this site and click on Local Business Schema to give all your business related information then add the code you get to your site.

Here are some tips for local SEO

Use google map on website

Use Google Maps on the About Us page of your website so that your clients can easily find you on the map and it is also a positive sign for Google.

Use local keyword on H1

When you write an article on your business website, try to include a local keyword in the h1 tag. According to popular SEO expert Brian Dane, this is very useful for rankings.

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